Need help getting old site files in folder on Mac OS X onto VM

Hey guys,

Got Local up and running very quickly and easily, thanks. (version 2.2.4).

However, I’m trying to import the files from an old site (whose files are sitting on my local host machine) into my virtual machine so I can perform an import into Wordpress. My host machine is OS X High Sierra.

VB Guest Additions are not supported in Mac OS X so instead i’m trying to mount a Samba share.

However when I ssh into the Local virtual machine and then try to mount my smb share:

mount -t cifs // /mnt/local_share

I’m getting:

mount: permission denied

i’ve tried to ‘sudo’ but this is not recognised.

Any ideas?

What’s the best way to achieve this (import a load of files into virtual machine from local host) on mac OS X?

Many thanks!

I’ve over-thought this … I’ve successfully done the following:

  • right-clicked the website in ‘Local by Flywheel’ sidebar
  • opened it in Finder
  • now copied the import files folder beneath app/

I’m now able to import

I don’t suppose anyone can recommend a static html site importer plugin?

Glad you got it sorted! Thanks for sharing your solution :slight_smile:

If you want to run a non-WordPress site in Local, you can copy the static site’s files into the Local site’s app/public folder like you did before.

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