New guy | Getting Started Guide?

Hi Everyone,

I’m George. I’m trying to learn WordPress and it was suggested I check out Local. Everything installed easy and I can get to the main page and the WP Admin so it’s up and running. Yay! So…

I’ve got this running on my old Mac Mini, Mac OS El Capitan (10.11.6, the best my old Mac can support). I am running the Mac Mini as a headless box and using screen sharing from my other Mac when I need to use the Mac Mini’s UI. I would much prefer to do all my WP activities from a browser on my other Mac, ssh in to the VirtualBox host when I need to, generally use the VM that’s running Local as a headless server.

  1. I’ve used VirtualBox before and I don’t see a way to get to its UI so I can change the settings on the VM to expose it to the local network. Is there a way to do that?

  2. I tried ssh’ing from the Mini to the hostname that Local uses but I don’t know the user/password to use. I tried the user password I created for managing WP. No go. What’s the user/password to ssh into the VM? Can that user su to root without more authentication?

  3. Is there a User Guide/Getting Started Guide that would answer some of these questions?

Thanks in advance, George