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New guy looking for overview

My knowledge of WP is still pretty thin, but it seems like Local is a good way to stage. I’m looking for an ‘overview’ on the general workflow - how I get a local copy, how I work on it, and how I update my online site.

The problem is that “Local” is a hopelessly generic name. Google is useless.

Can anyone point me to a site/page/video with a workflow overview of using Local?

Unless you are using Flywheel or WPEngine for your hosting company, there’s no direct way to connect the Local tool to your “live” site host.

WordPress is such a HUGE topic, and using the Local tool is a whole different subset of that topic. Local does make it VERY easy to spin up sites quickly, but otherwise it’s just the same as putting a WordPress site developer setup on your computer and doing whatever workflow you have for building a site in WordPress.

There are LOADS of things to use in WordPress. Themes, Plugins, etc. Unless you are saying what you are wanting to use, it’s rather hard to do an “overview” that is any sort of “short”.

I suggest if you’re looking for how to use Local specifically, you try reading through the website here:

And then you might look here: https://wordpress.org/ for more information or to get started in looking at all the WordPress has to offer… but fair warning… the WordPress website has a TON of data…

Hope this helps some.

~ Tracy
e design studio, LLC

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