First timer - need some directions

I have someone create a Wordpress site, I need something to preview the site. I picked LOCAL, and I downloaded a zip file online to test a site.It does say error importing. When I click create one, it is asking for Setup Wordpress, do I need to register on their site first?

thank you for helping. I just want a sample site I can test opening in LOCAL. (789.6 KB)

Hey @ronny99, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’m not quite sure what is trying to be done here.

Local is a development tool for building WordPress sites. It should make it easy to import existing site and then work with them, by dragging and dropping a zip file that contains the wp-content folder along with a dump of the database.

This sounds odd to me though. If you have someone that has created a site for you already, shouldn’t they be providing a way for you to view that site? Usually that means they upload it to a staging server, or at the very least provide you with specific instructions on how to review their work.

I would recommend working with them on the best way to review the site!

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One other thing – If you are wanting more details untangling this WordPress universe, I think there’s a lot of great content on Youtube!

As an example, this video from Ferdy goes into some detail about installing and using Local to start working with a WordPress site:

That’s not the only video out there, so be sure to search through other content that might be helpful!

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thank you, that person actually did all of the work and imported the site in Wordpress, all done. thank you for the comments

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