New User - Needing help on creating a new website

I just created a business and got my domain. I was then highly referred to use Flywheel. Flywheel reps said I would be able to create a website in Local. How do I do that? Is there any documentation or guides out there to do that? Or do I create in another software and then move to Flywheel with Local. Please help.

Bob, Local lets you create a local server environment to do your website development. That way you are not using your actual live website. You can do it on your actual website server (your domain host), but you run several risks in doing that: 1) If you already have a website, you could break it while you are creating your new website. 2) You could accidentally go live with an unfinished website or webpage. 3) Probably other issues I’m not thinking of right now.

All these can be prevented when working on your host server, but they take a bit of technical expertise. It is easier to do your development and testing on an offline server that only allows access to a limited number of developers and other authorized users. This creates a development “sandbox” that is separated from the real world environment. If you make a mistake, or even blow up your website, it is in a protected environment and the recovery is easier.

That, to my understanding, is the basic purpose and premise of Local. It has additional features (like moving your website to the host) that make life easier for a website developer.

So, to answer your question, Local creates that safe server environment, and loads WordPress. From there you do “standard” website development. You can do that in WordPress, you can load a theme, or you can get additional developmental tools.

If you are wanting developmental tools, you might look at It has legal, downloadable copies of many of the major commercial tools, themes, templates, etc. that are available for free under GNU license. The downside is that you do not have access to support or other add-ons (which are available if you purchase them). For example, if you purchase Divi (a very popular and powerful WordPress website development tool) from it’s creater,, you get over 100 pre-developed themes and templates, as well as support, for free. If you get the same program (Divi) for free from under the GNU license, there is no cost, but you do not get any of the extras or support. There are many other high-quality products there with the same limited benefits of the GNU license.

If you feel limited in your WordPress development skills, I’d suggest purchasing the product of choice (or, hiring a developer). That way you get support, and you help support the developers. A win-win.

As to documentation for Local. There is an extremely limited amount under their Help section. Beyond that… this seems to be your best source. I’m still looking/hoping for documentation as well.