New installs show WP-CLI notice

When I create a new install, it always show “WP-CLI was out of date for this site. It has been automatically updated.” at the top of the screen afterwards.

Hey Scott,

Considering that it’s easier for users to update Local than to update existing site environments, we implemented an updater that handles certain files such as WP-CLI and Adminer.

In other words, this updater is meant to bridge the gap between environment versions such as Custom 1.0 and Custom 1.1.

Hmm I understand the update for existing environments, but why do completely fresh installations need to show the WP-CLI update notice? Perhaps the notice can be suppressed for new installs?


We’ll be making some adjustments on that front.

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Thanks. The latest version is incredible! Good work!

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I’m glad I found this forum thread, I was about to report the same thing after updating to Local version 2.2.3 this afternoon. All my new site installations now generate those two messages referring to WP-CLI and Adminer being out of date for the site.

However, the site appeared to be working fine regardless of those messages. I just thought I would only see those two messages appear once and never more assuming the interface would simply carry on with updating those features automatically on all upcoming site installations from that point on.

Nonetheless, I can live with that as long as I can continue working hehe! Thanks for the clarification as always! :ok_hand: