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Starting a site moves it to the top of the list

I’ve started grouping sites since the last major version (thanks for adding that!) but annoyingly now, when I start a site, it moves the site to the top of the list and then back again when stopped. That makes sense however, it means that I always right click on the wrong site, immediately after starting, and I’m always left hunting for sites - I tend to look for names rather than the green visual indicator.

Not sure if this is specific to groups, or to that update in general but it would be nice if either there was a) an option to not do this or b) change this back again, where sites remain in place in the list when started.

Hello @jackmcconnell -

Thank you for this feedback - I’m going to move this into “Feature Requests” and pass this along to the Local engineering team.

We appreciate you!


I second this - grouping sites is great, but having them shift around based on activity state is bothersome when you have a large number of sites, and I can’t really imagine it being a useful improvement even for smaller numbers of sites. When I’m looking for a specific site, I always know the name, so being able to find it by alphabetical order regardless of activity status is so much simpler than having them jump around.

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