New Site Made From Blueprint Has URLs (Images) Pointing To Original Site


I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I added a blueprint and then created a new site based on that blueprint. When I loaded the new site, some of the images on the pages had URLs pointing to the new site and some had URLs pointing to the old site (the source of the blueprint).

I’m using the latest version of Local. My blueprint site (Apache + PHP 7 + MySQL 5.6) is using Elementor Pro page builder with GeneratePress Premium theme (also latest versions). There are no caching plugins installed, and I did have Elementor regenerate the CSS for the pages after cloning the site just to see if that would fix the problem – but it didn’t.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a site in Local, let’s call it “”
  • Upload some images and then create some pages using those images. Perhaps have a hero banner with a background image on one of the pages. (Since I’m not sure if this issue is limited to Elementor, you might want to build the pages using Elementor.)
  • Save that site as a blueprint
  • Use the blueprint to create a new site, say “”
  • After the new site is finished installing, visit the pages and view the page source for the various pages. Check the URLs for the images on those pages. You will likely see at least some are pointing to “” instead or “”

I realize that I can probably fix this with the Better Search Replace plugin, but I’m wondering if other people are having to do this? Shouldn’t the blueprint cloning process take care of updating all the references in the database?