Nginx headers for Apache server?

Don’t know if this is specific to 2.3.1, but I just noticed that if you configure an Apache web server and do a curl -I for the site, you see that nginx/1.13.12 is listed as the Server type. Shouldn’t it be Apache?

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There’s a reverse proxy running in front of all of the site containers that’s running nginx. This is required so you can access all of your Local sites on ports 80 and 443 instead of arbitrary ports such as 5003.

If you click the i beside the PHP version, it’ll open a page with PHP info and you can find the server software value there.

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What’s the point of Apache/Nginx selection if you’re always running an Nginx proxy? This is a development environment. And if there’s no way to modify the behavior, there’s no way it can be used In real dev scenarios.

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Even though it’s behind a proxy, you still get the benefit of .htaccess and Apache modules if you use Apache as the web server.

The nginx reverse proxy is simply terminating SSL and passing traffic back and forth.