"server: nginx" response from apache install

Running an apache server, my browser is getting HTTP responses indicating nginx

I requested “monkey.jpg” and got these headers back with the content:

HTTP/2 304 Not Modified
server: nginx/1.16.0

Is the install actually running nginx somehow?

The reason I want to know is that I’m trying to eliminate caching from the server responses for a specific set of media assets. The browser seems to be getting a cached response from nginx here.

System Details

macOS 13.3

- Which version of Local is being used?
I literally don’t know how to find this information. Where is it?

Hi @stobber

Did you create a site in Local from scratch with Apache selected as the server type? Or did you import a site that was on an Apache install previously?

You should be able to see here in your Local app what server type you have:

I used the WP Migrate Lite plugin to zip up my install (hosted on WP Engine) and make a Local site out of it. Local says the site is running Apache, PHP 8.0.22, MySQL 5.7.28, and WP 6.2.

I know WP Engine uses both Apache and NGINX on their installs. But none of the files/folders in the ZIP I extracted have anything to do with NGINX. I do see Apache’s folder and conf files, though.

Hi @stobber I’ll have to do some testing from my end I’m not sure off the top of my head if this is expected or not with WPE sites since as you mentioned their platform utilizes both.

If you create a brand new, blank site using Apache and add an image does it do the same? That might help indicate whether it’s something on that site specifically or within Local.

I created a brand new install, customized its configuration to use Apache, and opened the homepage. Response headers still say NGINX.

Seems like a problem with Local?

Hey @stobber

The good news is that it isn’t a “problem” or “bug” but expected behavior. One of our Local Devs actually broke down the reason why for another user with a similar post to yours.

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