I would enjoy an alternative to Live Link/ that doesn’t complain that I’ve “exceeded the maximum (60) requests per minute.” I don’t know, maybe something like or one of the others…

I’ve had some busy web sites that I develop on my Mac, and when I want to go test them on Windoze, simply refreshing 3-4 times inbetween changes will trigger it.

It is not the end of the world, but it is annoying.

I’d would reluctantly be willing to pay for an ngrok membership, but their $60/year plan has the same limitation!

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Hey Daniel,

This is planned :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback!


I forgot to mention… Although it is not a free service, but since a lot of us use Mac (and testing on Internet Explorer/Edge is akin to choosing how you wish to die), it would be cool if Local would allow remote testing via BrowserStack’s Local Testing feature.

I imagine that this would be a low priority for Local since BrowserStack is expensive, however, it could be a killer feature for professionals. I’m not aware of any other similar product that supports this.

This might also be a nice upsell for upgrading to Local Pro as well (when released). I’m just thinking out loud here…

I have a Windows 10 laptop that I use just for testing, but ngrok has the aforementioned connection irritation when I’m testing (as mentioned, I would even be willing to pay for a subscription if they would do something about that), and with IE/Edge, I don’t necessarily want to commit/push incremental changes to the staging site (public IP w/ HTTP auth, usually, depending if I set it up or not). I tried setting up the beta of Local on my Windows 10 machine, however, it failed to install for me (I know, it’s a beta product, so I do not expect perfection, especially for free). Although I could, I don’t really want to install something else on it because my time is very valuable and I don’t like messing around with garbage… I like Local because it works the way that I want it to on my Mac.

Debugging IE/Edge is like 1990s development where you just throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks… ad nauseam…

Thanks for your much-appreciated product! TJ is the only other that I’m aware of that uses VMs and has a decent interface, but it is extremely buggy and doesn’t seem to be as actively developed as Local (which is important to me). I tried TJ for a few months and then discovered Local.

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Greetings again @clay and Local by Flywheel enthusiasts.

tl;dr: Where would one start if he/she wanted to build his/her own while maintaining Local compatibility?

My current assignment would benefit greatly from an Ngrok alternative (remote work; I need to share a lot with many connections; there are complicated/boring/bureaucratic reasons for not using a proper staging environment). That said, I usually prefer to roll my own when it benefits me. I was wondering if anyone uses an alternative method for LiveLink in conjunction with Local.

I already have many public cloud instances that I can use as a proxy, but I don’t know where to start. Questions:

  1. Any recommendations on software stacks that I should research to try to play with this?
  2. How do I get the Local site’s exposed port number?

I’m not afraid to experiment/tinker - I’m just wondering if somebody has advice on direction.

FTR: Mac OS X High Sierra, latest Local by Flywheel. The proxy server would obviously be some flavor of Linux. I am also very fond of Docker and am open to ideas that might involve that as well, but certainly not a requirement.

Thank you,

I’ve been using ngrok more frequently lately with a current client. Custom domain support would be kind of nice, but I’m probably the only person that would use it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s on our radar!

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See my reply here: Typekit does not work with Live Link (*

If you want to roll with your own tunnel server, check out (client) and (server).