No access to the link of wp-admin of my local site

Issue Summary

_Hi, I cannot have any access to the link of wp-admin on my local site. It is just a test website I created, I type /wp-admin/ right after the domain, but it goes automatically on the domain.
the same happens when I click on Wp Admin in my local flywheel software.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • I only have one local site.

System Details

-The last version of local is being used.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me!

It is an important matter.
Have a nice day,


Hello Florence!

Do you have access to your Dashboard at all? :thinking:

If you don’t have access

Try typing: tests-divers.local/wp-login.php

If that does’t load, here are some troubleshooting tips I would try:

To test if it’s not possible to login at all:
Toggle on One-click admin from the main Local Window, choose your admin then click the green WP Admin button to automatically login.

To see if the issue is browser-settings or browser-plugins related:
Use a new browser. Make it the “default” Windows browser, you can use Firefox or Chrome. Go to Local settings and make sure “System Default” is selected or select the new browser from the list. Try logging in via One-click admin and also by directly typing the URL.

If you have access

To rule out WP plugin intervention:
Sometimes security plugins interfere and block wp-admin from loading to limit failed login attempts. Try manually deactivating plugins one at a time and testing each time.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Thank you !

It finally worked !

Have a nice day,



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