No Problems At All Updating To 3.01 (Windows)

After some critical reviews from me, I think the LbF team needs some positive feedback, when things are going well. I just updated, on Windows, LbF from version 2.4.6 to 3.0.1. And…: no problems at all, it’s simply working.

Just to be safe, I first exported all of my sites, plus exported all databases, in case something would go wrong.
But: nothing went wrong, I didn’t need those ‘better safe than sorry’ back-ups.

As I always did with LbF: not updating from within the app, just downloaded the ‘.exe’ file and ran it (of course with LbF shut down). I’m not sure if that makes any difference, but it has worked for me many times when updating.

Thanks LbF for a wonderful product.
Am I writing this? Yes, I’m writing this. :wink:



Thanks @frizzel77!

Can’t wait to see what people do with the new Addons section of Local!

– Ben