Non WP Site - Missing PHP extension - How to add?

Hi, I"m running a STATAMIC site with Local by Flywheel. Everything is working nicely. It is not database driven. However, I’m getting this error: Reading Exif data is not supported by this PHP installation.

Searches are showing up that I need to install this extension:

I’m on a mac. This is Greek to me. Where would I add this for the PHP being served by Flywheel Local?

Thank you.

Hi @kblocalflywheel,

Please see How do I compile additional PHP extensions?

Thanks for your quick response. As a newbie with command line, I’m still not sure what to do. Can you continue to assist? This is what I’ve done so far.

Download this zip file:

I’m on a mac. I unzipped it and put it in Local Sites > My Site > app
It is a folder called “pel-master” in the same directory as “public” and “sql”

What do I do next?

Hi @kblocalflywheel,

That’s a composer package. You shouldn’t don’t need to compile anything. Was that recommended by Statamatic?

Also, here’s another post for compiling extensions bundled with PHP. The instructions should still be applicable to compiling and using the exif extension: How can I enable the PHP BC Math extension for a site?

In the meantime, I’ll make a note to ensure that exif is properly included in an upcoming Local update.

The requirements are as follows:
and I’m using the “Conditional” area too.

Thank you for making note to have exif included in future updates.

So, I’m still a bit confused what I should do before this update for adding the conditional extensions?

So I think what worked here was I needed imagemagick.

Another thread had these instructions: How to install ImageMagick?

Hi @clay,

I also am trying to get Statamic version 2.6.9 running on my Local By Flywheel (2.0.8) install. As kblocalflywheel mentioned, it’s mostly working correctly, but cache generated images in the front-end and backend are not displaying. Opening them up tells me that Reading Exif data is not supported. I tried running through several of your explanations, listed below, to no avail. The general site settings default to using GD for the image manipulation driver, but switching it to ImageMagick also does not work, telling me ImageMagick is not supported either. I have attempted to compile both Exif and ImageMagick, but keep hitting roadblocks.

*How can I enable the PHP BC Math extension for a site?
*How do I compile additional PHP extensions?
*Add IMAP PHP Extension
*How to install ImageMagick?

Is there anything else I can do to get this running? Also, trying to visit local-phpinfo.php for the PHP information does not work anymore on this site, telling me that it’s forbidden, despite having the exact same permissions as other WP sites I have running in Local.

Hey there @clay,

Just reaching out again to see if there is any other solutions you can suggest to get this up and running through Local. I feel like I hit a wall, and I’d really like to fix it, otherwise I’ll have to turn to other solutions for running my non WP sites locally. Appreciate it!