Not creating thumbnails of images in PHP 8+

Bug Summary

Any image that is uploaded (default theme, no plugins), the various thumbnail sizes are not being generated.

Steps to reproduce

Set site to PHP 7.4.1
Upload an image in Media Library > Add New confirm thumbnail images generated
Switch site to PHP 8.0.0
Upload an image in Media Library > Add new confirm no thumbnail images generated

Environment Info

MacOS Ventura 13.0.1
Any of the PHP8 versions, works on PHP 7.4.1
Local 6.5.2+6204

Hi there @sccr410 -

Thank you for your message. Can you share a screenshot of where you are looking to confirm or deny that thumbnail images are generated?

Thank you!


I already flagged this topic as having been solved when trying to delete it. It was my custom code causing issues after all.