Ohh no Unable to provision site

I got this error when I was trying to create my first site…
Is possible to solve?

It might be an issue with the umlaut in the user name.

The latest local beta should have proper support for handling special characters in file
paths on windows!

But I have downloaded the latest version from the Local by Flyweel site…

What version are you running?

I’m running: local-5-0-7

This is the latest current beta. https://localbyflywheel.com/community/t/local-beta-5-1-1/15880

I don’t know which version @flyjack is referencing.

But that link seems to be private and doesn’t exist…

You will need to sign up for the beta group.


I ran the Local-beta-5-1-1-beta and I still get the error message
Is it because I’m logged in as an admin or doesn’t Localwheel work with swedish characters?

Hi there,

I have the same problem, even though I’m not using “umlaut”-characters. I’m using OS X YOSEMITE version 10.10.5
My Local version is 5.0.7

Please find below the Error message:
error message


We’ll take another look at the issue with special characters. Thanks for giving the beta a try!


Sorry for the trouble! Currently, macOS 10.13 is the minimum version that can be used with Local Lightning. I’ll add a note to update the minimum requirements in our marketing material as well as adding a notice in Local if the minimum requirements aren’t met.

Also, we’re working to lower the minimum requirement from macOS 10.13 but I can’t make any promises at this time.

Thank you @clay , I will upgrade the version of my computer!

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Thanks, it’s good to know. It’s a bit weird that an application like this doesn’t work with a 4 year old OS like El Capitan, and works on a 10 year old one…

It’s frustrating, actually. I feel no need to change machines except for this app. And it’s the only thing that makes me not recommend it to others.

I really hope you can lower the supported MacOS version. I understand that we’re living a trend of permanent updating, but demanding a system with just over 2 years seems excessive and limiting for many users. And very different from WordPress’ inclusiveness, it seems to me.

I completely agree!

From a technical perspective, it’s a lot easier to support older versions of Windows due to Microsoft providing redistributable such as Visual C++ Redist 2015 and so on.

As far as macOS goes, we have to extract dynamic libraries and rewrite the paths. This can create issues on older versions of macOS like we’re currently seeing, but we’re actively looking into a solution.

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2020 march 23rd… and with OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan, Local doesn’t work. I would have like your “actively looking solution” in this period of Covid-19, without nothing to do better at home than creating a first WP site. Frustration!
So, what’s the solution?
Thanks in advance for your response
Regards from France