Older versions of WordPress/PHP

Is it possible to use old versions of wordPress/PHP in Local? Wordpress 3.8

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Local does not have a way to switch between versions of WordPress, and currently, the oldest PHP version supported in Local is 5.6.

That said, there are a few options:

  1. To change the WordPress version, some Local users have recommended this plugin:
  1. You could also import a site. That should preserve its WordPress version and PHP version.

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How far back you can go depends upon your active version of PHP and whether or not you have a block theme active. You are only able to go back as far as there won’t be a PHP fatal due to core inconsistencies.

You can use WP-CLI to install any version. wp core upgrade --version=3.8 --force

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Thank you for the extra context @afragen!

This can also be a handy resource for that:


The logic is built into the plugin :wink:

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