Open Source the free version

Now that the base product is no longer being charged for, it would be awesome to put the docker config, electron app etc on github.

Of course it makes total sense that the pro features / add-ons are not open source, but given the base product is now free it would be awesome if the community could help add what’s missing instead of taxing the resources of a company that is primarily focussed on hosting.

Personally I’m a bit hesitant to recommend the tool to new people or push for its adoption internally within the WP Agency that I work for as at the moment, as if Flywheel loses interest, decides it’s not ‘core business’ etc then the tool could fall behind pretty rapidly.

I agree.

The same thing happened with WP Engine and their HGV product codenamed Mercury (and put on Github). support suddenly stopped when they switched from HHVM to PHP 7.0 and I was told by their Dev’s its no longer supported product.

Unfortunately there was no update on Github or officially and the webpages on their site started disappearing referring to the product, and redirecting to their Pro Managed services.

So even if this did happen to Local by Flywheel and they stuck it on GitHub, unfortunately the same would happen.

We can’t control what happens and they would inevitably have control of the code on Github with only certain members able to push code.

On the upside we could fork the product and the docker containers but i don’t think that would be too active as it certainly wasn’t with HGV.


Did already ask the community this question: Open source the project "Local by Flywheel"