We need Local Pro

Hey Guys

It seams that the recent update to 2.4.2 has been painful for a lot of us. Posting a question on this community forum seams a bit hit and miss. I really want to get behind Local and see it prosper into what we all know it could be, but guys, please, start charging some money for this thing so we can get some decent support.

100% yes. I couldn’t agree more. With a paid version, we could expect decent support and upgrades that don’t break everything (I hope)


See this discussion from 2016…I already paid for it, just before it became available for free, after which a free Pro upgrade was promised to all paid customers of Pressmatic. Although it’s pretty cool that Local is free, the upgrade to a pro version never happend…

Agree. There have been features that I’ve wanted to request (MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB 10.2+, provider for Parallels Desktop Pro as an alternative to VirtualBox, adding non-WordPress sites/removing the assumption that all sites are WordPress, et al), but knowing that Local is primarily a lead generation tool for FlyWheel hosting, I have been reluctant to post them. With a Pro version, I would anticipate it to be more agnostic.

I use Local (literally) every day and love it!

(FTR: I have no problem with Flywheel hosting itself and think that it’s great, but we manage VPS instances for most of our implementations, for varying reasons.)

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I have been going back between Local and Mamp. Mamp is starting to win out just because of the ability to sync my sites with dropbox. And the ability to load up sites and pull sites down from any host. I would gladly pay for a pro version that at the very least would let me sync my sites between my laptop when I am on the road and my desktop when I am home.

And pease please make Pro a reasonable one-time purchase. It seems that everything in the Wordpress universe wants to milk us dry by using a subscription based system. I’m gong broke using subscriptions and I prefer to own my software.


SaaS supports the community and the development of the software though!

I would definitely pay for a pro local version with more PHP/MySQL options and maybe not only wordpress site template. I think flywheel should consider this road :slight_smile:

Just heard that you’ll soon be releasing the Pro version!


Thanks guys. I can finally feel comfortable recommending Fly Wheel to my community on YouTube.

LOL… “Teams” is definitely not “Local Pro”. There was a roadmap for Pressmatic that we were promised, “teams” sure as heck isn’t it. Teams is yet another example of disrespecting all the old Pressmatic customers. None of the the “team” features is of any interest at all outside of Flywheel’s walled garden.

At least with “Teams” there is a business model beside of just being advertisement for Flywheel.
So hopefully there will be more resources to stabilize Local

What was on the Roadmap of Pressmatic?

I am all together quite happy with the features of Local. I am just not happy with the not very stable situation in the last bunch of releases.

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Agree with @ibes - hopefully this will encourage Flywheel to allocate more resources.

@clay - Keep up the great work! We :heart: it. I know how overwhelming it is when you’re torn among company policies, capital priorities, having a life and trying to meet the demands of the user base. :+1:

(just please never quit)

Well, I guess the WP Engine acquisition dashes any hope in this thread.

At worst, the project will be shut down completely. At best, it will become a tool that only works with WP Engine.

Of course, they could do the right thing and open source it, but they’ll most likely just kill it off like they did with Array Themes.

It has arrived:


So, it is an ordinary user who finds out there is a ‘Pro’ version now. No communication whatsoever from the Flywheel team. On that ‘Pro’ page linked by @ibes, there’s also a free download of the ‘Community’ edition. Is that the same as the latest version 3.2.1 here or is it different? No way to find that out.

Communication, guys at Flywheel, communication!

Hello, can you please c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e what’s going on?

Can you please c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e to the COMMUNITY what’s the new ‘Pro’ version?

Did I mention something’s lacking here? E.g. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N ???

I really wonder how these guys ever managed to get a business up and running with communication skills like that. I’m probably going to get banned for this, because: ‘negative’. No, guys at Flywheel, it’s pointing at - yet again - your dismal communication skills. And yes, that’s painful. But still true.

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