Open source the project "Local by Flywheel"

Any plans to open-source the project?

It wouldn’t be possible to build it so easily without relying on other open-source projects: electron, docker, node.js, etc…

Would be a great contribution to the community.


No response?

Hey there,

There aren’t any plans to open source Local at this time.

They just bought the whole company. Don’t you think it’s a little soon to consider open sourcing it? (If ever.) Plus, this is really a great tool for Local developing. Why would they want to give all the other premium Web hosts the same advantage when Flywheel paid for it?

The reason to open source?

Local by Flywheel is an orchestration of those open source projects:
• Docker
• Node.js
• WordPress
• nginx
• Apache HTTPD
• VirtualBox
• Over 200 open source packages from the NPM repository

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Under which license the Local by Flywheel is released?

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Hey all,

I understand everyone’s position and appreciate the feedback regarding licensing.

The licensing of Local is proprietary.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread since licensing discussion can go back and forth for millennia :slight_smile:.

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