Open web pages from 2nd computer on LAN not working (Local 6.2.1)

Issue Summary

2nd computer on LAN (Local Area Network) can’t access website on Local
I have " Local 6.2.1" installed and working correctly on my 1st Windows 10 Pro computer (I will call it, “Win10_PC#1”). My local network assigns this computer the following IP: I had to disable the IIS (Windows web server “Internet Information Server”) to be able to open sites on local using Firefox.

I have a 2nd Windows 10 Pro computer (I’ll call “Win10_PC#2”) which is my main development machine. I want to develop using Chrome or Firefox on this machine, accessing the site CJ.LOCAL on the 1st computer (Win10_PC#1). On my development computer (Win10_PC#2), the HOSTS file has a mapping for the domain “CJ.LOCAL” for that IP. I can ping CJ.LOCAL successfully from Win10_PC#2).

BUT, I am not able to open a web browser on CJ.LOCAL with my development computer (Win10_PC#2). I tried with https, http and also appended the port number shown in Local for that site as follows:


No cigar! No access of sites on Local on Win10_PC#1 from a web browser on Win10_PC#2.

Troubleshooting Questions

<> This happen for all sites in Local.

<> I created a new, plain WordPress site in Local and can access the site locally on the “Local v6.2.1” machine with Firefox. But, I can NOT access sites in Local v6.2.1 from my 2nd computer (even though my HOSTS file is set correctly and I can ping the site domain, “cj.local”)


To replicate the issue, install Local v6.2.1 on a Windows 10 computer, create a new vanilla WP site using NGINX, PHP 7.4, and MariaDb. (Disable IIS if it is running, so the Windows web server is not conflicting with Local). Then, on a 2nd Windows 10 Pro computer, edit the HOSTS file to map the domain to the IP of the 1st computer. Ping the 1st computer from the 2nd to test network access using the domain name. For example: “ping -4 cj.local”. The “-4” paramenter forces using IP4 instead of IP6. At this point try opening the domain on the 2nd computer.

System Details

  • “Local version 6.2.1” is being used?

  • Both computers in the scenario above are using Windows 10 Pro

  • Attached the Local Log:
    … This Local installation has two WordPress sites.
    … The site I’m concerned about is: CJ.LOCAL (8.2 KB)

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