Cannot browse my PROD website on my web host since importing it into my localWP dev environment

Issue Summary

I just recently installed Local to make changes to an existing website. I am a newbie. I used the same name as the website ( when doing a restore of a backup made using WPVivid plugin. All was working fine in the dev environment BUT Now I cannot access my production domain on my webhost from my computer. I thought it was my browser cache so I cleared it. But that was not it as it happens in every browsers (Firefox, Google, etc) So I deleted my LocalWP project, and that did not fix it. Then I uninstalled LocalWP software and it still doesnt work. I can access the prod website from other computers fine. What am I missing? I need to be able to access my prod website from this desktop.

Troubleshooting Questions

Here is the message I get:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



** My desktop is running Windows 7 Home Premium

Thank you.

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