Opening WP-Admin does not lead to the local site, but to the site at the hoster

I have a site and the associated database in my local folder.

When I open Local, I start the site and open it. This takes me to localhost:10008 in the browser, i.e. to the local site.

If I go to WP-Admin, the backend of the local site is not called up, but that of the site at my hoster, which is online. I have already accidentally made changes here, but I want to test them on the local site first.

How do I open the backend of the local site?

Hi @Thobie -

Is your domain in Local set to the same domain as your live site?


The website I am editing is (initial part changed), so the website is online.

The domain in Local is xyz-hamburg.local. The file folder is also xyz-hamburg.

If I click on WP Admin, the browser closes:


Then immediately to:

Problem solved.

The Local dashboard displayed the following error message:

Warning! The WordPress URL settings of this website do not match the host set in Local.

I clicked on the Fix it button. Now I can access the backend of the local site.

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Glad to hear it @Thobie! Thank you for sharing here.

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