Option to add additional (SSL secured) [sub]domains

I am very happy Flywheel is supporting Windows (beta) now too, so far it is really working well for me.

I am coming from DesktopServer which allows one to add additional domains via an ‘Create or edit sub/domain aliases’ option. Is something like this also possible with Local, if so how?


Glad to hear it!

Adding additional [sub]domains to a site isn’t available at the moment but it’s definitely something we can look into :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, can you describe your typical use case for this? Is it usually multi-site related?

For us the most common use case (for our client projects) is that of multilingual sites (/geo targeting sites) which require a domain with a country specific domain (CTLD), e.g. www·thecompany·de, www·thecompany·be, www·thecompany·nl etc. In most cases we map the domains to a language using a feature in the Polylang plugin. Other multilingual plugins also offer such feature. This doesn’t require a multisite setup.

The second use case is indeed in multi-sites with sub or full domain mapping per subsite.

Another use case is that of a single site that uses multiple themes based on the requested domain (e.g. www·thecompany·com vs blog·company·com).

These additional (sub)domains should be able to get SSL certificates too, ideally.

Thanks for considering this!

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I stumbled upon this thread when looking for a solution for the same issue, so consider this a +1 to the feature request :slight_smile:

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Thanks! You can also click the Vote button at the top of this page. Votes help us easily see the most popular feature requests at a glance. Hope Local is working well for you!