Optional WP installation

We are a group of WP professionals and we really love Local! But when we run our projects we install WP in a subdirectory, and we are using composer to install it. Is it possible to add an option – both on each site and globally – so that one can decide if WP should be installed or not? Any thoughts on this? And if this gets implemented the default value should be checked IMO since the majority are probably running WP in the traditional way.

This is highly needed feature. I agree with robsat91 that if you have a custom development flow then you don’t want WP default install. Maybe we have automated scripts that create whole project and so on.

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I know this is an old feature request but I’d love to learn more about what you envision this looking like.

From the description, this sounds like you are mostly using something like Bedrock to configure the site-- is that correct, or is something else being used?

If it is Bedrock, is there a reason for not using Roots-specific tooling like Trellis? (besides Local being such a pleasure to use! :smiley: )

If the goal is a more generic site setup, can you let us know a little more about the sorts of environmental things need to be configured as well as any specific tasks that need to be run?

I’m relatively new to Wordpress development and I come from a software development background where everything is git-based (or whatever scm), and that style of workflow really resonates with me and likeminded folks. When working with other people on version controlled projects there is so much clarity about the change history and easy merge resolutions. Maybe there is something I don’t understand about how localwp’s connect feature works but it seems to be focused on scenarios where there is just one person working on updates to a website at a time (correct me if I am wrong!!). I would love to see an additional option that could ease git and composer-based workflows like the original poster mentioned.

I have looked at bedrock and I really dig it, but the reason I won’t be going with running Trellis is because I still want to use a managed Wordpress host and not just rent out a VM somewhere, which is what I see the Trellis workflow pushing. Rationale there is that I would rather outsource the running/maintenance of the servers to someone else.

But I would still like to see changes to localwp that would ease the onboarding of a git-based workflow. Just starting out with localwp now so if I have more specific feedback I’ll try to remember to post back here.

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Nice! I love the additional context and look forward to hear more about your experience!

I totally agree that having a site be source controlled is amazing for so many reasons.

For me, when I was doing freelancing and agency work, this was the hardest thing to get buy in from the end-user. In many cases, they had started their WordPress site in-house and wanted work done for specific features (custom plugin created, theme/child-theme adjustments). Trying to get them to adopt a totally new workflow for site maintenance was difficult. This was especially true when we would have to answer their questions like this:

“how do we update plugins with this new workflow?”

It’s hard to make the case to non-devs that editing a composer file, running terminal commands etc is “easier” than clicking a button in their wp-admin.