Oracle VM VirtualBox update 6.0.6 killed Local By Flywheel


I updated VirutalBox on Windows 10 and now ‘Local’ won’t start, it’s just showing green balls…
Please advice.
Screenshots of my Win-version, Oracle update, and then the horrible row of errors from ‘Local’.

Did a reinstall of 'Local, but same error again…

Uninstalled both ‘local’ and ‘virtualbox’, then resinstalled ‘local’ and I got previous version of ‘virtualbox’ 5.2.20 back and now it seems to work again.
But all my sites are non-fuctional, so I guess I have to find some way to “import” them again… :stuck_out_tongue:

After restarting my computer, the local sites started working again?! Happy but confused…
Also lifted the ‘virtualbox’ to 5.2.28, and it is still working.

So the only issue left is when will ‘local’ support latest version of ‘virtualbox’?

No problem here with VirtualBox 6.0.6. But I am on Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.4) with Local by Flywheel 3.0.5 pre-release.

@Reskator Well, not so strange perhaps…
You mention a couple of not so small differences, different OS and program version :wink:

But you are running VirtualBox 6 which was my guessed root of my problem.
And the pre-release is shipping with v5.2.26, so it is a bit strange after all.

You’re right, I’m missing details.

I’m using Local By Flywheel 3.0.5, but like you, I did the virtualbox update after reading your message (like virtualbox was available in v6.0.6) and all works fine for me.

So one would think it should work for me too…
But I wont mess up my stuff again until I hear something from Flywheel.

Where are they by the way?
Is this not a support forum where the manufacturer of the product in question should support users?

Hey Håkan! Local does support the latest version of VirtualBox. If you run into these errors again after upgrading, try restarting the computer, as the VirtualBox drivers occasionally need a restart to properly initialize. Let us know if you run into that issue again and a restart doesn’t work!