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I am working with LinkedIn learnings elementor course. I’m presuming that others taking this course as well and may have experienced this issue. When I insert the picture, Tess, and reduce the padding to make the picture fit the container it does not work the space around the picture remains. For clarification, I realize this is an elementor board and not a LinkedIn, but since LinkedIn is a popular option for tutorials and simply hoping that someone has had a similar issue and may be able to help.

If this is an inappropriate topic my apologies and I will not make anymore requests like this.


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    Windows 10 Version 22H2 (OS Buikd 19045.3693

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Hi @turkey

It seems like this is more of an issue with Elementor and general Web Development and not really with our tool Local.

You might try the resources below for further help with Elementor and Developmental questions:

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


Hi @turkey -

Those resource Nick shared above should be helpful.

But also, I would recommend opening up the preview version of that page, using the “Inspect” tool from within your browser, and clicking on the image.

If you kind of hover around the image it will highlight the padded area and you can identify why it has whitespace. I’m wondering if maybe the image needs to be set to fill the container or if there is padding on the column, or something like that.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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I managed to find the developer option to show page data, but I only know enough about reading code to be dangerous , but I did find that the only padding that was showing in the computed section was for the entire document. I could not find anything on the Tess image.

Sam, I only know enough about Reading code to be dangerous , but I did find that the only padding that was showing in the computed section was the padding for the entire the entire document and could not find anything on that Tess image

Thanks, Joe


Can you click this icon?

Then can you hover around the image - you should see borders start to show up, like this (orange):


Sam, no I did not. I will proceed to just that. Stand by.

Sam, When you get good instructions it’s amazing what you will find. Low and behold it is showing that there is 10 pixels of padding around the image. And the widget panel or whatever it’s called the image dimensions are set up in EMS instead of pixels oh would one oh solution B to reset the measurements to pixels instead of AMS? If not I’ll wait on your solution.

Tried the converting measurement unit and it did not work

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