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Hello and thank you in advance for your help,

When I import a website on Local WP, I often have the following problem.
I can access the login page, log in. But once logged in, the wp-admin page is not found. I get the error Page not found from Wordpress.

I have renamed my plugins folder, my custom theme, exported my base site with Duplicator, with Plesk backup… No solution seems to work.

This has not always been the case, I have been able to import sites before. However it is not the first time I have this kind of issue.

I am on Windows 10, Local 6.1.5+5536

Thank you in advance.

Hey @troqueucriffutei-762 – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

That’s definitely an odd issue!

Can you take a screenshot of the error page you are seeing? I’d love to know a little more context around what’s going wrong and what thing is causing that error.

Thank you for your answer and the greetings :slight_smile:
Here is a screenshot :


I found the solution :partying_face:

It is related to the database prefix containing uppercase in some places.

I followed this documentation to change database prefix.

With an extra query :

UPDATE `newprefix_options` 
SET option_name = replace(option_name , 'oldprefix_', 'newprefix_') 
WHERE option_name LIKE 'oldprefix_%';
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