Paid plugin when going live

Hi, newbie here !

Quick question: if I need a Paid (premium) version of a plugin on my website that I’m creating locally on Local, how do I make sure that the paid plan follows when I’ll put my website live on my hosting?

Thank you for the answers!

Migrate the local database to your production site. Alternatively, some plugins allow you to unlink/ dereigster one domain and link to another.


Everything said!

It also depends a lot on the plugin – some plugins are flexible in terms of having them on a production site as well as a local or development site, while other premium plugins count each environment as an “installation.”

To be 100% sure, I’d reach out to the team that makes that plugin and ask if they have any documentation around working with their plugin in a development environment on your personal machine.

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Thank you guys for the answers, it helps a lot :slight_smile:

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