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Hi gang,

So we just hired a marketing guy, his name is Mike. He wants to use WordPress to create a new website. Our employer wants to be able to view his work as he’s doing it. I found a package that let’s you create a WordPress site on your local PC and then upload it when you are done. However, it does not let others on your network view your site. Kinda strange how it works. And according to their support, that is a feature that will be in a future release. So my question is, can Local WP let our employer view the site running on Mike’s computer? Thanks!

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Hi @CbDev

The short answer here would be no. The longer answer is that we have a temporary Live Link feature that can be used to share progress with peers or clients, but as far as someone being able to login from their machine and see what work or progress someone is making on their machine the answer would be no we don’t have any sort of monitoring like that. Another option would be for Mike to use a hosted version of the site, where he can push or migrate updates as he makes them, and then your employer can always check on progress there without Mike constantly having to enable and share a Live Link from his Local app. The hosted version could have privacy mode or maintenance mode enabled to keep it from being publically accessible.

Well shoot. I was hoping for the short answer would be yes. I’ll probably just have to go with the hosted version then. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

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No problem @CbDev! If you ever come back to Local and have more questions let us know :slight_smile: