Performance issues

I’ve noticed that Local (Pressmatic, as I know it and as it’s currently named on my system) seems blazing fast with a new site, but that it seems to scale less well than a site on Flywheel or Siteground – sites that are still fast there on the backend seem slower on my local backend, which seems odd.

I wondered if you might have any pointers on improving performance. Is there a way I could give an instance more memory, for example, or otherwise optimize it. We’re talking about maybe 3-5 seconds loading time for pages on the backend that load immediately on Flywheel.

These sites tend to be somewhat complex, but they don’t have huge databases or anything like that. I’ve noticed in particular that the Yoast SEO plugin seems to slow down admin page load times.

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Is there any way you can supply an export for a site that’s slow so I can look into optimizing the configs?

Sure, I can definitely do that.

Quick video showing what I’m seeing:

Could I get an email address or some way I could privately send you the export? I’m not too too worried about it, but probably shouldn’t put up a full export on a public board.

Sure thing!

Awesome, thanks! Just sent that.

Hi Clay!

I am experiencing the same issue: the backend on the live site is much faster than the backend on Local. Did you manage to find a solution eventually?

I am happy to send an export to the support team if needed.

Thank you,

Hey Clay,

I’m experiencing the same issue as well, but even slower. Were you able to solve this problem?

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Please see Speed Issues on Local Machine

Hi all,

Local 2.0 is now available and has various performance improvements.

For more info check out Local by Flywheel 2.0.0 (Pre-release)

Clay, I’ve just come from Pressmatic, updating to the live version of Local (1.4.7), then to Local 2.0. I’ve only tested on a few sites, but I love the new version, and I can report no errors at all so far. Anecdotally, at least, it feels faster.

Is there a place I can provide feedback with images? I have about 20 sites locally, and it causes a very minor display issue with the minimize button being on top of the scroll bar.

Love your work, and thanks so much for making the best tool available for local WP development even better. Love the new “live link,” which I’m hoping will be basically the same as CodeKit’s, with a couple less steps for configuration.

I’m both a Pressmatic customer from way back and a Flywheel customer (I have about 100 sites on Flywheel, and have referred many more). Was very pleased when Flywheel acquired you (or however that arrangement worked). Will I get access to Local Pro when it comes out?

One last question: is there an option (that I’m missing) to force SSL through the Local interface? I force SSL through Flywheel most of the time, but when I simply go to, it takes me to the secure version of the site – but any clicking around in the WP interface will bring my back to the non-SSL version. I could force it through a plugin or wp-config edit, but obviously the plugin at least would affect my live installation of the site when I push DB changes live, which I don’t want.