Permissions issues after the new update

After updating to the last version, I face a lot of bugs like I can’t create a new site, can’t clone a website, a lot of website don’t work at all

but when I open the app as administrator it works but faced problems due to files permission

local-lightning.log (652.7 KB)

Hey @mhmd.yassin07 – I moved this topic to the support category because this topic’s description insn’t specific enough, nor are there reproduction steps which are necessary for the “Bugs” category.

It looks like those screenshots aren’t coming through. Can you re-upload them so that we can see them?

When viewing the Local log, I’m seeing a number of errors that look something like:

{"thread":"main","class":"Process","process":"nginx","level":"warn","message":"nginx: [emerg] CreateFile() \"C:/Users/Servers/robochat/logs/nginx/error.log\" failed (5: Access is denied)","timestamp":"2021-09-21T08:44:38.570Z"}


{"thread":"main","class":"SiteProvisionerService","stack":"Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, mkdir 'C:\\Users\\Servers\\versionpress'","level":"error","message":"Unable to provision site.","timestamp":"2021-09-20T23:10:45.750Z"}

That “Access is denied” piece long with the EPERM error seems like there’s an issue with the file permissions of this computer.

Usually EPERM issues boil down to one of a couple of things.

  1. There’s some sort of Antivirus software preventing Local from updating the Hosts file. Try temporarily deactivating any antivirus software, and if that allows you to “Fix it” then take a look to see if there are any settings within the Antivirus options that would allow Local to make those kinds of changes in the future!

  2. There’s a setting (usually in Windows) that is physically preventing Local from editing the file

Can you take a look at this FAQ post in the Community Forums and let me know if working through those troubleshooting steps fixes things for you?

the solution was to completely remove the application, then reinstall a new one

I tried to remove “read-only” and completely removed the antivirus
but still, nothing changed

but I noticed something

the normal right-click → new option doesn’t work as usual

my old {{SitesPath}} was in a specific path not the default and it was outside the {{my windows user}} folder

so I decided to change the main to be in the user folder something like
it seems to make some good effects and I could add new sites but I faced some errors with old websites routes, so I changed the settings->routemode to localhost and it works, but I wasn’t satisfied with using the ugly URL and the path for the files so it tested to make it in another partition, not the windows partition and now I can create a new website with the {{sitedomain}} not {{localhost}} RouteMode

but I still face some problems
1- when I clone a website it makes everything correctly but most of the CSS, JS, and images files to the old website URL, not I face this error

2- old websites route don’t work so I need to move it to the new {{SitesPath}} but no easy way, seems I need to do that one by one (export then import then delete the old one ) when I really have a lot of sites, so if you know a good way, please let me know

3- every time when I import a site ,it stop in {{Extcacting import}} step in the last files ,when it’s just 12 ,14 , or even 7 files :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: then it work after about 20 minutes

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