PHP 8.2 Question

With WP Engine already in the process of getting sites onto PHP 8.2 when will Local contain a PHP 8.2 binary so that development and testing can be done locally?

Hi @jayhill!

PHP 8.2 is in Local already. If you’re building a site with the Preferred settings that will still default to 8.1 but you can create a Custom Site and change to 8.2 or change to 8.2 in the PHP menu after your site is running.

How? All I see is PHP v7.3.5

Local v 5.9.4+5115

Hi @cartisien! We are up to Local version 7.2 now! There was a change around Local v6.4 that requires a manual update. So you’ll want to go to our release page below and grab the latest version.

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Ahhhhhh - I just saw that I’m so far behind. I didn’t realize there was a manual update required.

All good now and on the current version - thanks for the quick response.

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Ah cool didn’t see there were updates available. Have had problems installing updates in the past.

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