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Hi team, this is more of a clarification question. In this thread PHP 8.2 Support - #51 by Nick-B, it was mentioned that for future PHP releases, you wouldn’t need to have to wait for a Local update to get them, that as soon as it passes your tests, it would be available in the dropdown.

Today, looks like a new version of Local is out with PHP 8.3 (THANK YOU!). So my question is, is this just a coincidence and it will work the way it was explained in the thread? Or has it changed and you will need to push out a Local update to support major new PHP versions?

Thanks for the clarification!

Hi @arecian

This is still in play! You can see Austin’s previous comment here on that other thread but that’s how we deployed PHP 8.2.10 and PHP 8.1.23. So as further minor releases make themselves available you’ll likely see those just get “pushed” to the Local app and not require any updating.

Ok thanks and major versions will still be shipped via an actual Local update?

Not necessarily. The addition of PHP 8.3 on this release was more just coincidental and had to do with the timing of the roll out.

What Nick said! :slight_smile: It was a coincidence on this one. We don’t really have separate release notes for PHP… so I included them in the release notes for Local 8.2 just so that people knew it was there.

Technically, PHP 8.3 is available now in previous versions… but ideally people update to the latest!


Perfect. Thanks, guys! Just wanted to make sure so I didn’t have expectations that didn’t match reality. Thanks again for making 8.3 available so quickly!


You bet , no worries - appreciate you reaching out! Happy holidays :christmas_tree:

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