PHP 8.3 Support

Since PHP 8.3 was officially announced, I’m making this thread to ask for support for it. I’d love to see this come out much quicker than 8.2 did :smiley:

I’d love to get my hands on this as well!

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Me too. We want to be ahead of the game in making sure our code works well with the new versions of PHP. I’d rather avoid spinning up a different environment to do this.

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Hey all - yes, we’re close to release here! Much faster than PHP 8.2 - new automation is working well :slight_smile:

In fact, if you’re eager (or just want to help us test!), PHP 8.3 is available in any Beta version of Local right now. Here is a screenshot of my machine using Local Beta v8.1.1, our most recent Beta -

You can download the Beta here if you just want to play around - Local Beta 8.1.1 - #2

If you need it now, it’s there! We need to bump the XDebug to 3.3 (this was in an alpha release last week when we first compiled) and retest and then we’ll release to everyone in stable Local.

Let us know if you have questions or find any issues! I’ll update this thread when it’s launched to stable.


Thank for the link to Local Beta 8.1.1.

I am am going to test my church’s website on PHP 8.3

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Great work on the new Local 8.2.0 release with PHP 8.3 support. :+1:t2:


Thank you @emmtre! For the rest, in case you missed it, the latest release of Local is now out with PHP 8.3 available :green_heart: