Php-fpm killing my Mac

What issue or error are you experiencing?

I really only run 1 site on LocalWP. I didn’t have any issues and then a day or two ago it started using way too much Memory on my macOS 14.4.1

No updates to Local or macOS, no guess as to why this started happening, and I didn’t find anything similar in this forum. Only thing I’ve updated recently is Homebrew’s brew upgrade but I don’t run anything localhost other than via LocalWP.

Then it stopped for a day and then today it happened again.

Here are screenshots of its usage in Activity Monitor and a memory tracking app:

It causes my Mac to freeze and then force reboot itself. I then restarted Local upon reboot and then it did not happen again.

System Details

  • Local Version: 9.0.1+6673

Local Logs

local-lightning.log (5.7 KB)

Happens on all versions of PHP but I think only after I customize the xdebug portion of the php.ini.hbs, such as to set to port 9001 instead of the default 9003

Because if I disable xdebug toggle (screenshot), then the php-fpm no longer blows up.

Hi @cliff

Does this happen if you Stop your 1 Local site and spin up a new, blank site? In other words if you’re using Local at all but not directly with the site you usually develop with.

The site it was happening on did not do it consistently. But I did try it once to replicate on another LocalWP site and it did not cause the issue. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hmm okay so it seems specific to that install. Keep us posted if you notice it persisting across multiple sites or new sites. Or if you have any other firm steps to replicate.