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PHP imagick issue on Windows 10

Bug Summary

Following up on the issue flagged in this comment by @SirLouen, there is a problem with opening Site Shell on Windows 10 and it appears to be a bug in Local WP

Steps to reproduce

On Windows 10, attempt to open a site using Site Shell. You should see this notice in the terminal:
Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'php_imagick.dll' (tried: C:/Users/*****/AppData/Roaming/Local/lightning-services/php-7.4.1+16/bin/win64/ext\php_imagick.dll (The specified module could not be found.), C:/Users/*****/AppData/Roaming/Local/lightning-services/php-7.4.1+16/bin/win64/ext\php_php_imagick.dll.dll (The specified module could not be found.)) in Unknown on line 0

Environment Info

Describe your environment.

  • What Operating System are you using?
    Windows 10
  • What versions of site software (Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL) is used?
    I see apache 2.4.43+6, mysql 5.7.28+4, and php 7.4.1+16 in the AppData Roaming folder
  • What version of Local is installed?

Supporting info

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