Php7.2.9 and MySQL 5.7 unavailable in Custom Environnement

PHP 7.2.9 and MySQL 5.7 are only available in Preferred Environnement.
There are not available for Custom Environnement.
It is impossible to switch existing sites (set to Custom Environnement) to this versions :-/

(MacOS X 10.13.6)

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Any updates on this? Thanks

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Custom and Preferred are entirely different Docker images at this time and parity is not guaranteed between the two. Sorry for the confusion!

Additional PHP and MySQL versions will be coming to the Custom Environment in future updates :smiley:


Fab - I think I have some compatibility issues with WPEngine using MySql 5.7 and no 5.7 on local custom mode, so looking forward to the update.


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@clay Been many months now, any updates on this?

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Users who see this thread: please go here and VOTE for this feature: MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB

This feature was requested in Dec 2016. That’s 2.5 years ago.

Neither MySQL 5.5, nor 5.6 is even supported anymore!
Even MySQL 5.7 is nearing end-of-support - introduced in 2015, it expires next year!
5.7 (MariaDB 10.2) and 5.6 (MariaDB10.1) and 8.0 (MariaDB 10.3) are the most common database servers installed on webhosts currently. They are the only non-expired versions of MySQL. But Flywheel Local does not offer any current version of MySQL or MariaDB for their advertised Custom Evnironment setup.

MySQL 5.7 (MariaDB 10.2) is not even downgrade COMPATIBLE with MySQL 5.6.
This means that Flywheel Local is not even compatible for use with most people’s apps and webhosts.
This poses an contradiction to the major advertising point of being able to choose your PHP version (and webserver), and MySQL version to resemble your live server and app requirements.

If your app requires a particular PHP version, you’re virtually required to use a database version that is outdated, and it’s most likely different from the one your live server uses. This can cause real issues, and may make troubleshooting locally not possible.

You already offer MySQL 5.7 in your Default setup.
So why cannot you offer it on Custom (ie when the user needs to choose their version of PHP)?

If anything, 5.7 NOT 5.5 should be available (though I am not suggesting the removal of 5.5).

Staff has said they would add support for 5.7 to Custom, but how long ago was that?

There is a common theme of Flywheel not following through on real issues, even when they do acknowledge and say they are working on it. Years will go by without even an update on progress, let alone an actual fix.

Unfortunately, I do not have confidence in the long-term, even medium-term, viability of this tool.

Again custom environments only support end-of-life MySQL environments! Even 2.5 years later.

I’ve just started using flywheel and thought it was excellent until I tried my first restore of a site and realised it didn’t suport MariaDB. Such a shame. Seems like this was requested years ago too. Doesn’t look like they develop this product very much. :confused:

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