Pictures not showing in preview


When I use the live link for clients to view the websites images don’t show except if I use the link on my laptop.

My local version is 2.0.6.
I have tried it in both Safari and Google Chrome.

Hi Jesper,

Sorry for the trouble!

Where are the images located and how are they inserted? By that I mean, are they images attached to a post, images adding with something like Divi, etc.

Hi! They are all on the landing page created with Elementor. All of them are section background images with a colored overlay and text overlay. Some of the images have an overlay hover effects.

Hope this answers your questions.

Unfortunately if the images have hard-coded URLs in static assets such as CSS then they won’t be automatically replaced by the Live Tunnel plugin.

If it’s possible, I would try to make the URLs relative so they look something like /image.jpg instead of

Hi! I made the image links relative but unfortunately that made no difference.

Same issue for me and the issue is the path of their CSS background images that are using absolute path instead of relative paths.

I was able to shwo up all thoses background images (using the live link URL - tunnel -) by changing thoses paths.

I just create a support ticket here >