Pictures Uploading Very Slowly

I’m building my site on local currently. I was building it previously and lost everything because of an SQL error. So i started over and everything is working fine, but this time when I upload pictures, they upload incredibly slowly. Like a 109kb image is taking like almost a full minute to upload into the media manager.

It was uploading at a “normal” speed when I was originally designing the site. The slowdown only occurred after I had to start the site over do to losing all the content. Not sure how that would be relevant, but sharing anyways.

Otherwise the site seems to be working without any issues on Local and i have 741 GB of available space on my computer so i don’t think it’s that.



Why did live chat ask me to post this here if nobody was going to reply?

Hi @TeamVivi,

Local is supported at the moment by the community here - for a free product there’s lots of help :slight_smile:

Anyway lets get started.

I’ve got a few triage questions for you.

  1. Did you start a new site after the corruption, or did you just clear the DB and files?

  2. What version of local are you using?

  3. When uploading files are you noticing high CPU usage?

  4. One thing that springs to mind is that the VM could of run out of space, to check it could you do the following.

    Load up VirtualBox > right click the “local-by-flywheel” virtual machine > click on storage then click on the disk and take a screenshot of that pop up and post it in the forum.

  5. Are you using a preferred or custom enviroment?

  6. Do you notice the slow down on a clean WordPress site. So could you spin up a new one, and without doing anything upload the same image. It it as responsive as you’d expect?

  7. finally, is Faster Docker Volumes enabled under Preferences » Advanced?

Hopefully armed with the information above we could work on getting together a solution.



Hi Phill,

Thanks for the reply. The reason I said that is because chat support told me to post it in here because the head of the Dev Team wanted to look into it for me but I didn’t get a response. Also, while Local may be a free product, it’s a marketing tool for Flywheel, so it’s only technically free. Also, i’ve already paid for hosting on Flywheel which I will be using once my Local site is done being built, soooo… on to your questions.

  1. Started a new site

  2. Local version says Preferred 1.1 (Wordpress Version says 4.9.1, PHP Version says 7.1 and MySQL Version says 5.5)

  3. Not a high CPU usage, just an incredibly slow uploading time. I do have an auto-tagging plugin called to tag the pictures, but I had that on there previously too and it wasn’t causing the pictures to upload this slowly.

  4. Two Screenshots attached. Let me know if that’s what you were asking for.

  5. Preferred. I don’t know enough to know why I would want Custom.

  6. I’m not sure what you mean. Like do you mean if I just create a wordpress site with no plugins, no theme and upload to the media manager?

  7. Yes it is enabled.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Chris,

Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. Must feel pretty left in the waters if you’re also paying for local!

Thanks for the answers it all checks out but with number 7, yes if you can just start a brand new one that’d be great.



I have this same issue. Takes a very long time (longer then remotely) to upload an image to the media library. Using v 3.04 for MacOS. Thanks.

Hey @jordancreative – Have you had a chance to work through the things that @Phiph recommended?

I’m thinking in particular the last step involving Faster Docker Volumes.

One other thing that I’ve seen cause issues is if plugins or the theme have custom save_post hooks that are trying to make external requests. So for example, sometimes an image optimization plugin will try to optimize images through a remote service.

Can you let us know a little more about when this is happening? For example, is there still slowness on a plain WordPress site?

– Ben

Thanks Ben. It was an image compression plug-in. Should have checked that! All good now.