Painfully slow!

I’ve been using local for a while now and, although it’s slow, I’ve liked it. Unfortunately, recently it’s getting slower and slower and is now painful! More than half the speed of the online site and at this rate it would be quicker for me to do a site online and just keep uploading changes as I develop. Surely this can’t be right??

Also, under preferences I tried to turn Fast Docker Volumes on, but it won’t stay on and every time I look at preferences it’s turned itself off!

I’m on Windows 10

if you don’t use it yet, i recommend using the new Local Light version 5.0.5+900.
It’s way much faster. I’ve used to use Local by flywheel my self, but stopped using it until i saw this new version!

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Thanks Torriv! I have just downloaded it and it is great!!! Really silly that when you say check for updates in the older version it doesn’t tell you about this one!

Unfortunately, it turns out I can’t use version 5.0.5 because they’re still working on the database and you can’t access it!!! This means that I can’t restore a backup of the site to work on as I then need to change the site urls in the database :frowning: