Hi everybody,

i just installed local by flywheel on 2 partitions of my macbook pro :

  • It turns very well on SIERRA !!

  • But on Yosemite, after creating a new website, chrome (and firefox) explains : ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION.

I don’t understand why. because i did exactly the same thing on the 2 partitions

. Somebody can help me?



Hi Stephane,

Do you have anything installed such as Gas Mask?

Hi Clay,

Thanks for replying me.

No i didn’t install this…Is it necessary?

It’s not, but it can create a conflict.

Can you please get the contents of your /etc/hosts file? If there’s sensitive information in it (site names you’re working on, etc) you can feel free to private message it to me.

To get the content of /etc/hosts open up and enter cat /etc/hosts

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