Please use phpMyAdmin


First of all, I installed it today and I love it <3
You did a great work!

It would be nice if I could use phpMyAdmin. It’s better than the thing, that you have on it now :slight_smile:

Or can I do it by myself?
is there a possibility, to work on the tool you created and push it to git or something else?


Best regards


This is a good feature request, I don’t know how much work would that need.

One thing I tell you is: give Adminer a shot, you’ll see it works almost the same as any other, you might be basically just more well used to phpMyAdmin… Like I am too haha but after some time using Adminer you’ll get used to it too.

Regarding installing phpMyAdmin it might be possible, but not integrated with Local by Flywheel, and I also wouldn’t recommend it, since I don’t really know what would be the setbacks it would create with updates and such…

phpMyAdmin is really amazing, but it’s primary reason for existing is that it runs in a browser.

I understand a lot of people are just comfortable with it because it’s so ubiquitous, but if you’re working locally use SequelPro or one of the others desktop apps (MySQL Workbench, Navicat, HeidiSQL, DBeaver, etc). After a while you’ll be anonyed working on servers without SSH tunnels that let you connect using those far faster and more powerful tools than phpMyAdmin. If you don’t need all that power Adminer is kind of amazing for as tiny as it is.

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