Input Needed - Database Management Alternatives

Hi all! Making a post to get some community input, and I threw it in the Support category because it is the most read :slight_smile:

Short version:
If Local replaces Adminer with a different database management tool, what should we use?

  • Leave Adminer
  • AdminerEvo
  • TablePlus
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Other - share in comments!
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Longer version, with explanation:
Local currently ships with Adminer as our bundled, default database management tool. This has worked great for years (and for the most part, still does!).

In testing with PHP 8.3, we realized that Adminer throws some errors when using it to view the DB. Downgrading PHP solves the issue, but that isn’t the point, so we went hunting for a fix.

The Adminer repo on Github is no longer maintained, with the last commit 2.5 years ago. A fix in this repo is highly unlikely.

A community fork called AdminerEvo does exist - the errors still happen here, but at least there is the hope it will be addressed! An issue is open for it in the repo at least.

We also have a great add-on for TablePlus already available in Local written by @aubreypwd (thank you!). We could drop Adminer and just bring this add-on into core Local and available by default for all.

Another option: phpMyAdmin is popular in the community, and we have had a couple of feature requests for it over the years. We could explore this.

Or maybe there’s some tool we haven’t thought of! Other ideas?

At the end of the day, we’d like to avoid being dependent on unmaintained projects wherever possible - WordPress and technology are ever-evolving, and security updates are frequent. So, we made this thread - if we explore alternatives to Adminer, what would the Local community prefer?


I don’t know why TablePlus is on this list. It’s an external application that you have to install and pay for. Also my addon is MacOS only…

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