PHP My Admin

I really don’t know why the founders of local prefers to use this bad system Adminer when they can use the popular, good UI one “PHPMyAdmin”
I think there are no benefits of that for local or the users, but a lot of benefits if local used PHPMyAdmin
that an extra good feature and developer who worked on databases will not face any problems to use local and will not prefer other local servers

and even this is not a democratic way to open the way for users to make suggestions, then to refuse to follow it :frowning:

Thanks for the feature request @mhmd.yassin07 !

There’s no need to be negative towards Adminer, it’s a tool like any other one. Your opinion may be that PHPMyAdmin is better, but for many users, Adminer is more than enough of a tool for working with a database.

The original reasoning for including Adminer was that it is much simpler to implement – there’s just one PHP file to work with. If users needed more complex tooling around databases, they can always install others (like PHPMyAdmin) or use a dedicated SQL client.

Given that Local isn’t Open Source, having an avenue for requesting features like this category is the next best thing. Does it mean that we’ll implement any feature that’s requested? No.

But asking, and showing strong interest in the feature by up-voting is a good way to make the case that it should be worked on and released.