Port conflict with lamp

Hi, I have installed a lamp server on my ubuntu 20.04 a few months ago, and now I want to install local for wordpress projects. I want to keep my lamp server for other projects (like symfony…).

I changed the apache port of my lamp server to 8080, but I still have a warning notice about conflict port : “There is a port conflict with this site’s domain.” When I click on “open site” button, it redirects me to my lamp apache document root :confused:

How can I solve that ?

Thank you.

Since you are wanting have Local on port 80 but you are still getting the manually installed LAMP server, I’d recommend a couple of things:

  1. After making the change to the LAMP configuration, did you restart the apache process? Without knowing the specifics of how that was installed, you probably will use a command like:

    sudo systemctl restart apache2
  2. Maybe restart the computer? It’s possible that there’s some sort of process that’s still hanging on.

  3. Zero in on the exact thing that’s occupying port 80 and try to stop it from autostarting. This help doc for Local’s “Router Mode” setting has some things you can try to zero in on what exactly is on port 80.

Hi, I restarted apache and my computer, same issue…

When I do :

lsof -i :80

I get this results :

firefox-b 3388 vicc  295u  IPv4  84674      0t0  TCP vicc-spectre:52604->par21s22-in-f3.1e100.net:http (ESTABLISHED)
firefox-b 3388 vicc  301u  IPv4  84686      0t0  TCP vicc-spectre:52614->par21s22-in-f3.1e100.net:http (ESTABLISHED)

But when I kill firefox, my browser is closing !

That output from the lsof command doesn’t look Firefox would cause issues. When you kill firefox, and then restart Local, does that fix the problem?

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