Is there a fix for the Port Conflict problem? {Local 5+}

It’s kind of driving me up a wall that the router port conflict issue has no fix. Has anyone found a way to use the site domains after they encounter the issue? I’ve no idea what the conflict is on the ports, since it doesn’t seem like there is anything there that should be conflicting. Working with localhost doesn’t feel so great when I’m so used to the site domains. It occurs with ALL my sites on the new version of Local.


@aurooba I am having the same issue. Whenever I start a site in Local ( v5.2.5+2498 ) and select ‘View Site’, Local hangs up and keeps prompting with this warning:

This site’s WordPress URL settings do not match the host set in Local

When I select ‘Fix It’, it attempts to provision a fix. Then it reverts to the option to ‘Use Localhost’. So any site that I open in Local points to a an available open port, typically starting with 10000.

Clearing my browser cache, and setting ‘Local’ >> ‘Preferences’ >> ‘Advanced’ >> ‘Site Domain’ does not correct the problem. Every time I start and attempt to open a site using the site domain router method, it continually throws the error about WP URL settings not matching the Local host. Then it reverts back to the localhost router method.

Having the same issues!!! Can someone at Local pleeeeaaasssee address this?

Each time I have experienced this it has not been an issue with Local. It has been a port conflict on my machine as the error message indicates. On a Mac you can look under the Memory tab in Activity Monitor and sort the Ports column to see what is using Port 80 which in my experience has been the port causing issues. This may not give you enough details though so you may need to run terminal commands to help you get a better list. sudo lsof -i :80 provided more details for me.

A few things to try: kill Apache if it is running, quit Docker if you are using that, make sure MAMP isn’t running, check Homebrew for any services you may have started. These are just starting points I would check. I hope you are able to figure out what is causing the conflict on your machine!

Alright! I ran lsof -i :80 after a fresh restart, and there were a few nginx servers running.

Ran sudo nginx -s stop to stop them, and restarted Local, set the Router Mode to Site Domains, and it worked.

Thanks @alanmcginnis :slight_smile:


Nice! Glad you were able to figure out what was causing the conflict!

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