Privacy Policy and Data Stored

Do you have a Privacy Policy for Local by Flywheel? What data does it share/store with your server?

When using the Live Link feature, does it expose any data from the site? Is it using a tunnel to make the site live from my local machine or does it actually send any data to your servers?


Hi Nicola,

We don’t have a privacy policy for Local at this time.

In terms of what’s sent to Flywheel, there are a couple of things but they’re non-identifying and very generic. Specifically, we track a few events such as:

  1. Adding a site (includes version of Local and selected environment options. Does not include site domain, folder, name, etc.)
  2. Importing a site (what type of import)
  3. Installation started
  4. Installation finished


As far as the tunnel goes, we use ngrok for Live Links. Their privacy policy is here: