Questions about Data Usage Policy for Local desktop application

I really like using the Local desktop application to spin up test WordPress sites quickly, but my company wants to know if there is any data shared from the application with Flywheel.

I tried searching through the terms, but they seem to only mention this website (not the application).

The only license present in the application itself seems to be copyright info which is pretty much impossible to read since I cannot expand the window to be larger, nor can I copy the text from it, and 75% of the width of the document is cut off by the very small window size, so I can only read the first few words of each sentence of the document.

I’m not sure who the best point of contact would be to discuss… can anyone offer documentation for this info?


Hey @nblair

There’s a link at the bottom of the site called “Legal Stuff” which outlines a number of things that Flywheel does from a Legal standpoint.

I’d recommend reading through those for the specifics, but in general Local shares data in a couple of ways:

  1. When installing Local, there is a prompt for reporting errors. If that is accepted, then Local will report back any errors that are encountered.
  2. Anonymized usage data like if when a site is created. No identifiable information such as site names or domain names are given.

Hope that clarifies some things. Let me know if you have any other questions!