Problem to open a Wordpress Website - Security alert messages


I have a problem to open Wordpress sites that I have created via Local by Flywheel (Windows version).

When I push the button “Admin” to have access to my website and when I try to enter my password in the dedicated page, I receive alert messages explaining that the connexion is not secured.

  1. When I use Firebox to open the website, I receive the following message: “La connexion n’est pas sécurisée. Les identifiants saisis ici pourraient en être compromis”.

  2. When I use Microsoft Explorer, I receive the following message:

Désolé, nous ne pouvons pas atteindre cette page


Assurez-vous d’avoir la bonne adresse web : http://polish-club-v1.local
Rechercher "http://polish-club-v1.local" sur Bing
Actualiser la page


Une erreur DNS temporaire s’est produite. Essayez d’actualiser la page.


Many thanks in advance for your help,
Best Regards,
Henri Bost

Hi there,

This may be due to browsers being hyper secure and seeing that there is a password field on the page, but not on a HTTPS connection. Usually you can ignore the alert and continue as per normal.

I’d also check your Hosts file to see if polish-club-v1.local is set to route to

If you’re not comfortable with editing your hosts file directly, I recommend using Hostsman, it provides a simple and secure interface for any edits. Including backups.

Let me know how you get on,